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User Guide

Welcome Dear Reader.

Bookwise is an online reading app fully focused on reading.

Here’s what makes it special.

No barriers to reading

Bookwise works on all platforms and devices, with zero complexity. One click and you’re reading.

(It’s actually a ‘Progressive Web App’: a website that you can install as an app too. Here’s how to do that.)

Beautifully presented

Online books should look great. They shouldn’t be second best to print books - but they too-often are. We’re changing that with Bookwise. Typography is properly optimised for the screen, as are illustrations, diagrams and any other elements.

No gimmicks

There’s no timers, no challenges, no gamification and no social notifications. Reading should not be ‘enhanced’ with distractions. Let the books speak for themselves!

A reader that thinks like a writer

Writers count in words, and divide their work into meaningful chunks: chapters, paragraphs, sentences. Bookwise thinks like that too, and allows you to access the work in the same way. Once you’re used to it, you’ll find it a much more natural reading experience.

Entirely human

Bookwise is a carefully curated library of books. It’s not millions of books chosen by robots. It’s a selection of great reads chosen and crafted by book-lovers. There’s nothing algorithmic about it.

Bookwise is simple. Books are wonderful. Read more, beautifully.

Quick Start Guide

Reading On Bookwise

Bookwise present books as a long scroll of text. You can move forward a screen’s-worth at a time by tapping. In this way you can zip about easily to find stuff as fast as you like, but you can also settle in for a long reading session, tapping to scroll with minimal effort.

You’ll see there’s a small amount of info about your book in the top bar, on the left and on the right. If you want to alter what’s shown, tap in those corners. You can also tap the bottom right corner to show info there too.

(Also, you can adjust how everything looks and works in the Settings panel in the Menu.)

Keeping Your Place

You’ll never lose your place in a Bookwise book.

  • Bookwise always remembers where you left off.
  • You can see where you were before in the “Notes & Highlights” panel (plus you can highlight anything you want to come back to).
  • If you jump more than a screen’s-worth away from your current position, an arrow appears at the bottom left. Tap it to return from whence you came.
  • Footnotes always include links back to where you were.


You can search a Bookwise book the way you search a web page. Use the menu on your phone or tablet, or type Apple-F or Ctrl-F on your Mac or PC.

Using The Menu

The menu is tidied away to avoid distraction, but it’s very easy to use.

Open the menu by tapping near the left edge of the screen. Or swipe the text to the right - either action will do.

Close the menu by tapping your book again. Or tap the ‘Back to your book’ icon.

There’s five icons in a row at the top of the menu. Here’s what they do:

Library book icon Back To Your Library
Close your book, and return to the main library page.
Contents list icon Contents
Every Bookwise book that needs one has a contents page, allowing you to track your progress and quickly get to wherever you like.
Notes quill icon Notes & Highlights
Your reading progress will show up here. So will any notes and highlights you make.
Settings cog icon Settings
You can make your text bigger or smaller, or change fonts here.
You can also switch colours, including a red Nightvision mode which is ideal for late night reading since it doesn’t spoil your night vision.
Open book icon Back To Your Book
Close the menu, and get back to reading.

You can tap them, or swipe left and right between the menu panels.

Offline Reading

Any book that you mark with the hashtag #wanttoread is ‘cached’ automatically so that you can open it again more quickly and without even needing the Internet. You can carry on reading on the train, or anywhere without Internet access - so long as you’ve opened the book before.

Installing Bookwise As An App

Bookwise works like a website, but installs like an app too. It’s a new kind of thing, called a “Progressive Web App”.

If you’re intending to read a whole book, it’s better to install Bookwise. You only have to do it once, and here’s how:

iPhone / iPad

  1. Open Safari (not any other browser, Apple are funny like that), and visit bookwise.io
  2. Tap your browser’s “Share” icon (looks like: A picture of the share icon ), scroll down the list, and tap “Add to Home Screen”.

    Done! Launch Bookwise from the app on your device.

Android phones / tablets

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser, and visit bookwise.io
  2. A message will appear at the bottom of your screen, saying “Add Bookwise to Home Screen”. Tap it.
  3. Done! Launch Bookwise from the app on your device.

Mac or PC or any other computer

  1. Open Google Chrome, and visit bookwise.io
  2. An icon will appear to the right of the ‘location bar’ where you typed “bookwise.io” saying “Install app?” Click it, and then click “Install”.
  3. Done! Launch Bookwise from the app on your device.
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