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Installing Bookwise

Bookwise is a new kind of app - a ‘Progressive Web App’. It’s easy to install on any device. Follow this process once, and you’re all set.

Once you’re done, you can enjoy reading beautifully wherever you go.

iPhone / iPad

  1. Open Safari (not any other browser, Apple are funny like that), and visit bookwise.io
  2. Tap your browser’s “Share” icon (looks like: A picture of the share icon ), scroll down the list, and tap “Add to Home Screen”.

    Done! Launch Bookwise like any other app.

Android phones / tablets

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser, and visit bookwise.io
  2. A message will appear at the bottom of your screen, saying “Add Bookwise to Home Screen”. Tap it.
  3. Done! Launch Bookwise like any other app.

Mac or PC, Linux, or any other computer

  1. Open Google Chrome, and visit bookwise.io
  2. An icon will appear to the right of the ‘location bar’ where you typed “bookwise.io” saying “Install app?” Click it, and then click “Install”.
  3. Done! Launch Bookwise like any other app.

Why use Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) were invented by Google engineers. A lot of people think they are the future of apps and software. Here’s why:

  • They’re safe & secure. PWAs cannot slow down your device, steal your data, or in any way fiddle with your stuff. They’re basically a super-fast website in a safe little container on your device.
  • They’re fast & reliable. PWAs don’t get involved with your operating system. They just work when you start them and go to sleep when you stop them. That makes them quick, clean and simple.
  • They work anywhere. PWAs work on every modern-ish device that has an Internet connection. And once they’re installed, they work offline too - enjoy reading on the train, or even in your nuclear bunker.
  • They’re independent. PWA developers do not need to pay money to Apple or Google or anyone else (every other kind of app involves costs!). So independent developers can focus on serving their customers without having to make money from them just to stay on the App Store.

That’s it. Enjoy reading!

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